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10 Must Haves To Prepare Yourself For An Awesome 2018

Are you ready for 2018? Check our list of must-have-items to get you all geared up for the brand new year!
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Are you ready for 2018? Check our list of must-have-items to get you all geared up for the brand new year!

1. Calendar

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It’s only 3 days away from 2018 so act quick and grab yourself a beautiful calendar or planner. Mark your important dates so you don’t miss any celebration or events. Besides acting as a reminder for your days, a beautiful calendar might just light up your boring work desk.

2. Notepad

e09c8548f932615e9c7957f8bcbcf394If you’ve survived 2017 without a notebook, congratulations. But what we want to say is, you should always bring a notebook with you everywhere you go (yes, even if already have your laptop with you all the time). A small notebook that comes with a pen attached is even better. Ideas come and go so you will need a notebook to scribble them down before you lost it. Make it your habit to write all important tasks so you don’t miss any of them.

3. Desk Organiser


Besides being a pain in the eye, a messy desk could lead to frustration of not being able to find your working tools. Want to keep your work desk tidy even after a full day of work and chaos? This desk organizer helps you do just that. Keep your documents, paperwork and stationeries where they should be so you will never have to waste time rummaging through your desk looking for anything.

4. Memory Foam Pillow


A good night sleep is essential to get you fueled up the next day. As 2018 approaches, it’s time to say goodbye to your old dusty pillow. Upgrade your sleeping quality with this memory foam pillow that adapts to your sleeping posture and seamlessly fits the back of your head.

5. Mini Coffee Machine

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Stop paying a ridiculously expensive amount of money to get yourself a decent cup of coffee. If you buy 1 Grande size espresso, 3 times a week for a year, you would spend an average of over RM 2,600 just on coffee. There are definitely other alternatives to paying such high amounts just for coffee. Starting at as low as RM 599, you can get yourself a mini Inissia Coffee Machine from Nepresso. The Inissia is lightweight and has a compact footprint design, making it easy to fit anywhere. With a touch of a button, Inissia can heat the water to an ideal temperature in just 25 seconds to make a perfect cup of coffee.

6. Pocket Size Portable Projector

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It’s a huge let down when you spent lots of effort preparing your presentation, but you weren’t able to share it properly without a projector? Or maybe you’d like to impress your date with your home theater? Say goodbye to those hard to get by large chunky projectors, and say hello to the SONY MP-CL1. At only 149.5*77*13mm and about 210g heavy, the SONY MP-CL1 allows you to project your favourite movies, TV shows, games, and presentations via HDMI or MHL, or even wirelessly using MIRACAST. This compact projector delivers rich colour with laser-sharp precision, bringing bigger than life screening. Plus, you can power the SONY MP-CL1 using a powerbank, and by itself can also be used as a powerbank!

7. Beverage Cup Warmer on the Go


As hot as Malaysia’s weather can get, there are times when we would like to enjoy a cup of warm beverage. While you would like to take your time in enjoying your warm beverage, it can quickly chill down to room temperature and would not be as enjoyable as when you just got them. Is there any way to keep your beverage warm while not using a flask? Introducing the Eparé Warmer. With it, you get to keep your mug of hot beverage warm. Even when you can’t find a wall electric plug to power the Eparé, you can still power it using a USB outlet. It’s compact design makes it very portable, so that you can bring it along while you’re working or doing some leisure reading in a café

8. Portable Electric Heating Lunch Box

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 2.51.20 PMTired of the same old food you “DABAO” from the store around the corner of your workplace? Try preparing your own food why saving yourself the trouble of figuring what food to get for takeout. While preparing your own food is a healthy option, you may have had the ill experience of broken or unclean microwaves and queuing up to heat your food. But with EtechMart’s Lunch Boxes, you not only get to pack your food with style! Your lunch box also heats up your meals. It comes with 3 removable stainless steel compartments and a tableware compartment, and an indicator light to show that the box is heating your food. What’s more, it comes in a variety of colours.

9. Slimmest Bluetooth Locator

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 2.50.39 PMAhmad: Bro, you see my phone around? ADUH! I don’t know where I left it lah.

Ah Ming: Aiyah, bang. You always misplace your phone one. Remember that time when

you had to replace your 3 month old new phone. Expensive wei replace one after


Ahmad: Not just my phone lor. Last week I spent 2 hours just to look for my wallet. Ended

up in my kitchen cabinet where I store my instant noodles. How ah? Saya

memang very forgetful one.

Silva: Hey man! Found your phone in the office pantry lah dude! Why not get yourself a

TrackR Pixel? It’s super slim and can attach to your keys, phones, and place

them in your wallet lah.

Ah Ming: Got this kind of stuff meh?

Silva: Yeah lah! And you can also get yourself a TrackR Spot, and with a touch of a

button, it can make your TrackR  Pixel ring and also light up it’s LED indicator!

Easier to “Spot” see?

Ahmad: Thanks lah bro. But why didn’t intro me this product earlier? Haha.

10. Laptop stand


We hope 2018 will be a busy year for you (In a good way, of course)! But before that, you might need to get yourself a laptop stand. This stand helps put your laptop screen at a higher eye level, so you don’t strain your neck as much as you needed to. It provides better airflow to your laptop too so that your laptop doesn’t heat up easily.

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