8 Christmas Gifts You Can Buy Under RM30

It's just 5 days until Christmas! Have you got your gifts ready? If not, come on in and see if our list of gift ideas could inspire you!

Ho ho ho! It’s that joyous season of the year again. How about preparing a lovely gift or two to your loved ones? Brighten up their day with these 8 affordable and charming Christmas gifts ideas!

1. Santa Hat Chair Cover

christmas gift chairWhat’s a must for Christmas decoration? You’d say setting up a Christmas tree or hanging up giant red socks.. Aha! We bet you’ve never thought of this one. Put on these red giant hats on your chairs and trust us, your Christmas dinner will never feel the same again!

Price: RM15.25

2. Reindeer Slippers

christmas gift slipperWho wouldn’t love the symbolic Christmas reindeer with red little nose? If a reindeer plushy sounds too cliche for you, try this furry reindeer slippers! Trust us, this is a perfect gift to wear around the house this Christmas!

Price: RM 29.00

3. Snowman Pillow

christmas gift pillowGet one of these to remind you friends or family- hey, it’s Christmas already, get your pillows changed too!

Price: RM 24.14

4. Christmas Wooden Train

chrstimas gift trainIt’s not everyday you have an excuse to buy a cute wooden train, but it’s Christmas so here you go- this extremely cute wooden train comes in several choices of lovely festive colours too! It would serve great both as a toy for kids or as a Christmas decoration.

Price: RM18.00

5. Christmas Candy Gift Bag

christmas gift candy bagJust receiving one of these gift bags is enough to put a smile on someone’s face. Not to mention you can stuff plenty of cookies and candies in there.

Price: RM4.58-RM4.74

6. Christmas Wooden Candlestick

christmas gift candleWe know Malaysia is too hot for a fireplace. How about lighting up candles in these Christmas wooden candlesticks? And don’t forget to turn on some joyful Christmas songs all night long.

Price: RM12.00

7. Christmas Theme Phone Case

christmas gift phone caseYou can never go wrong with phone cases, especially this one. Can’t decide which to take? How about take both so you can keep one after gifting another to your bestie or partner?

Price: RM13.93

8. Baby Knit Hat

christmas gift hatWho says babies can’t join the Christmas party? Put it on for them so they could join all the fun! If you happen to have a newborn baby around you or newborn parents, you need to get one of these.

Price: RM9.20

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