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10 Free and Useful Apps To Improve Yourself In 2018

Here are a few apps that could help improve yourself and be one step closer in achieving your New Year’s resolutions.

Many people often have mixed feelings when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. Why is that so? Year after year, people fail to maintain their resolutions, and approximately 80% of them would not make it past the second week of February. Achieving your New Year’s resolution can be simple and easy. The first step to be realistic and making sure you are able to achieve them. You will have to consider your ability to achieve them and manage your expectations during the process and the outcomes. Here are a few apps that could help improve yourself and be one step closer in achieving your New Year’s resolutions.

Useful Apps To Keep Track of Your 2018 Resolutions

1. My Diet Coach


To be happier is to make healthier choices in life. Keeping track of your health is as important as making those choices. One of many aspects of starting a healthier life is to make sure your diet is healthy too. My Diet Coach is an excellent app that allows you to keep track of your calorie intakes, as well as reminds you when you should drink another glass of water to stay hydrated. It even allows you to set and track mini daily challenges to make your dietary control more fun and effective.

2. 30 Day Full Fitness Challenge

30 day fitness challenge

Besides dietary, consistent exercise is also key to achieving a healthier lifestyle! Instead of spending money to hire a personal trainer, try out this cool app called 30 Day Full Fitness Challenge. This app helps people who have stopped working out for a while. This app provides you with easy to follow tutorials and plans, even for beginners. It also has daily tracking to remind you that you should work out consistently.

3. Udemy

udemy app

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving” – Albert Einstein. Many people recognize the importance to never stop learning. Udemy provides to you an online platform very different from traditional collegiate coursework. With Udemy, you have access to courses created by experts in their respective fields, offered to the public either at no charge or for a certain tuition fee. With this app readily downloaded in your phone, you may never stop learning and pick up a course any time anywhere.

4. TED

ted app

With the TED app, everyone with a phone now has access to learn from some of the world’s most remarkable people. You are able to watch thousands of talks covering a broad spectrum of topics. From technology and design to scientific, cultural and academic topics. Make use of this app to widen your perspective.

5. Quora

quora app

Whatever questions you have in mind, you can come to Quora. Quora is a Q&A platform consists of knowledgeable community with different expertise.

6. Overcast


overcast app

We know you are eager to make 2018 a fruitful year, hence it is essential to have a podcast app on your phone. Whether you’re stuck in commute or running in the gym, podcasts are definitely a good way to fill in the gaps and keep yourself engaged. Overcast features different categories of podcasts so whether you’re into fashion or tech, there is a channel for everyone. (Overcast is currently only available for iOS users.)

7. Productive

productive app

Productive is a simple tool to keep you productive all day and at the same time, develop good habits. All you need is list down what and when you need to do and then stick to your plan. Once you achieved the task, mark it in the app and after a period of time, you will be able to see how well you have caught up with your tasks.

8. Splitwise

splitwise app

Tracking and managing your expenses is hard enough, and it’s even harder when you have split bills. That is why Splitwise is on our list. Splitwise helps record your split bills and tells you who owes you what. The best part? Since everyone gets a copy of the billing amount, you can skip all the awkwardness of “reminding” your fellow friends and coworkers to pay you back.

9. Simple Habit

simple habit app

If you haven’t been doing it, we suggest you start meditating in 2018! Many successful people, including Steve Jobs, have made meditating their daily routine. Meditation helps create mindfulness and refresh your mind for a productive day ahead. If you don’t know where to start, Simple Habit is a great app to guide you through your learning journey. With this app, you can learn to meditate from as short as 5 minutes.

10. BudgetWiz

budget wiz app

Ever wondered how you managed to spend more money than you had received? Fret not. With BudgetWiz, you can better plan and manage your financials. BudgetWiz allows you to personalize and edit your own budget, and even create budgets for multiple accounts. You can even break down your budget sets by weekly, monthly, and by variable time periods. Using BudgetWiz, you get to illustrate your income and expense into in pie charts and graphs, print data directly, and auto sync between devices.

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