5 Useful Websites If You Want To Sell Online In Malaysia

5 Website Guide To Sell Online Malaysia

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Everyone wants to be in the online business right now. With the US$1,076m worth of annual revenue in Malaysia’s E-commerce industry, and expected annual growth rate capping at 18.7% in Malaysia, are you doing enough of your homework to share a piece of this lucrative  pie? Well if you are interested to, pull your horses! Check out these 5 websites below before you actually start to sell online in Malaysia.

5 Insanely Useful Websites For Online Seller in Malaysia

For the first time online entrepreneurs, time is especially precious. Thus, in today’s e-commerce blog, we’d like to share with you 5 cool websites about online marketing that will help you kickstart your business easily. Grab your coffee and see what we’ve got on the list.

  1. canva


    Want to sell something but you don’t even have your own logo? This is why Canva is on the top of our list. From designing your own logo to customizing your website banner and advertisements, Canva can help you complete all those without the need of you actually having complicated Photoshop skills. They provide plenty of free beautiful templates that will suit all your design needs. So sit down and browse through their gallery!

    shopify pic

  2. Shopify

    Unless you’re selling your products on giant marketplace like Lazada or 11Street, we figure you might need to have your own online store. So here you go. As opposed to selling on marketplace, having your own online store will allow customers to focus on your brand and boost their confidence. Thus it’s safe to say that an online store is a must if you are looking to grow your brand and products on a long term basis. If you are selling on Facebook at the same time, you can easily integrate your Facebook store with your Shopify store. How cool is that?


  3. Hubspot

    Ok so now you’ve got your products ready.. so what? No one is ever going to notice you unless you actually promote it to your potential customers! (Sad but true..) And how are you going to achieve that? Fret not, Hubspot has got your back! This is where you can find amazingly useful articles on marketing your products online. The blog is well maintained so this should be your first stop to get updated marketing ideas for your products.


  4. EasyParcel

    What about shipping your products? This is one of the most crucial factor which can drastically affect your profit margin. This is where you will need EasyParcel. There you can easily compare shipping rates and book your delivery from different courier in Malaysia, including POSLaju, SkyNet, and you-name-them. Don’t be surprised when you realise the shipping rate there is lower than your walk-in quotations. And they actually pick up your parcels from your house! *Rolling happy tears*


  5. PGEON

    If you are looking for other cheaper delivery alternatives (it’s ok, we get you), PGEON offers RM5 nett for delivery below 5kg! How do we survive on such low rate? Easy, by consolidating all shipping volumes to our 1,000 collection points we can save more time and (thankfully) more money! You can simply send your parcel from any of our collection points and have your customers choose where they would like to pick it up. Right now, PGEON Delivery service is only available for shipping within Selangor, KL and Penang area. (Don’t worry, we will be expanding to other states as well!)

Sell Online In Malaysia Guide

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