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10 Online Fashion Sites You Can Shop In Malaysia

Today we listed down 10 fashion sites you might find useful for your wardrobe hunt. Read on to see what we've got on the list!

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Hola! Chinese New Year and Valentines’ Day are just around the corner! Have you prepped yourself for the joyous occasions already? If not, as always, we got your back. Today we listed down 10 fashion sites you might find useful for your wardrobe hunt. Read on to see what we’ve got on the list!

1. Zalora


Zalora is the no.1 online fashion platform in Malaysia by the number of visitors. It houses a handful of popular high street brands such as Topshop, Mango, Dorothy Perkins… you name it. Zalora’s own in-house brand is also available, offering trendy clothing at a competitive price. If you’ve been following our blog, you would’ve also known that lucrative discounts are often up on the platform for grab. So, it’s not hard to see how it emerged to become the top fashion site in Malaysia.


2. Twenty3


Twenty3 is a Malaysia brand that empowers beauty through perseverance. Started in 2013, it quickly made its way into the local market with its understated clothing style. Twenty3 is also known for their weddings and bridesmaids’ dresses so now you know where to hunt affordable gowns for the big day! Twenty3 also recently started their own Muslimah line, Ira, and fitness apparel, Move.


3. Duchess and co


Duchess and co is another proudly homegrown fashion brand. At Duchess and co, beautiful classic designs blend with modern twists to create a bold and timeless piece. Don’t let the hefty price tags put you away because the value lies in the quality and details of each piece.


4. Doublewoot


Doublewoot is one of the most widely known online fashion boutiques based in Malaysia. It features quality trendy apparel for women on the go. The feminine clothing style at Doublewoot is suitable for both work and casual. It also carries its own production, so you don’t have to worry about the quality. And most importantly, the apparel comes at a pocket-friendly price!


5. Fashion Valet


Fashion Valet is a fashion platform offering an array of premium local and Asian brands, including CASSEY GAN and CottonInk to name a few. Since started in 2010, Fashion Valet has garnered a pool of loyal customers. To date, it is one of the most visited online shopping sites in Malaysia. Here at Fashion Valet, not only can you find fashionable apparel that is difficult to get anywhere else, you can also pick up some good cosmetics and accessories while you shop.


6. Milk Tee


Milk Tee, as sweet as its name suggests, offers casual and comfortable garments suitable for daily wear. At Milk Tee, simplicity is best. Therefore, it focuses on basic and uncomplicated designs which are every lady’s wardrobe essentials. As opposed to most clothing brands which move manufacturing overseas, Milk Tee is proud to have all its garments designed and made exclusively in Malaysia.


7. EJ Fashion Style


EJ Fashion Style started out in 2015, sourcing affordable Muslimah clothings for trendy Malaysians. Despite being at a fairly young stage, this online shopping site based in Selangor has already had its own pool of loyal customers. We definitely love the organized layout of this site which makes it easy for customers to shop for their preferred clothing style.




If you’re looking for sophisticated evening gowns, you need to head to KEI MAG. Since its commencement in 2011, KEI MAG offers quality and fashion wears for young women in Malaysia. Their distinct product lines include playsuit and two-piece suit.


9. Sally Fashion


Sally Fashion offers ready-to-wear apparel suitable for women of all ages. With its daily new arrivals and live chat function that offers thoughtful customer service, it has emerged as one of the top online shopping sites in Malaysia. Most importantly, the low pricing means you can add more members to your closet without feeling too guilty!


10. Dressabelle


Established in 2008, Dressabelle aims to offer quality apparel for every type of woman at affordable prices. Dressabelle takes customer experience to a whole new level by offering in-house tailoring for customers who need it. At Dressabelle, curved or plus size women can rest assured that you will find something that fits you seamlessly. Despite Dressabelle being based in Singapore, free shipping to Malaysia is available with only a minimum purchase of RM99.


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