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10 Interesting Valentine’s Day Gift Idea For Her

Level up your Valentine’s game this year with some of the most extraordinary gifts you can think of.

Interesting Valentine’s Day Gift Idea In Malaysia

Level up your Valentine’s game this year with some of the most extraordinary gifts you can think of.


1. Unicorn Mugs

RM 30.60

For the dreamers, unicorns aren’t real, but unicorn mugs are. Get her this piece of cute unicorn mug to keep her dreams alive!



2. Personalized Long Pillow


A personalized gift for your girl is always a good idea, even better when it’s a big fluffy pillow!



3. Mr Bubble Phone Case


This pink charming phone case will catch her at first sight. The big red heart in the middle will remind her she’s loved when she picks up her phone.



4. Pink Flamingo LED Light

RM 35.05

This pink flamingo decorative light is the right gift for the homebody. Light up her room where she spends most of her time in.



5. Billy The Pet Baked Bean

MYR 16.52

For the quirky girl with a sense of humour, Billy the Pet Baked Bean will definitely put a smile on her face.



6. Mini Bluetooth Speaker

RM 24.90

This mini Bluetooth speaker is the perfect gift for the lovely music enthusiast. It’s small and portable so she can have her own little music party anywhere.

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7. Perfect Song Lyrics Print

MYR 45.58

The “Perfect” song lyrics, just for the perfect her. Give your loved one this print if you’re too shy to tell her how you feel about her.



8. Personalized Bookmark

MYR 48.37

For the bookworm, nothing excites her as much as a good read, but we are sure she’s going to love this gorgeous personalized bookmark.



9. Date Ideas Deck Card

MYR 72.55

If she’s always on the look for something fun and new, this will make a great gift for the venturesome girl. This deck of cards is full of amazing date ideas so you’ll never run out of one.


10. 24K Gold Plated Roses

RM 19.23

Roses and bouquets are things of the last century, except these 24k gold-plated ones.

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