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10 Essential Newsletters to Subscribe for 2018

Don’t miss out on interesting and beneficial newsletters that you should subscribe to. Here are our top 10 Newsletters.

Once upon a time, newsletters were a master form of pissing people off on the internet, constantly bombarding your inbox with boring and irrelevant emails. But those days are gone. With smarter ways to understand your audiences, not only newsletter contents are getting more interesting and relevant, but also creative and thought-provoking. Don’t miss out on interesting and beneficial newsletters that you should subscribe to, as newsletters make a comeback, entering into a glorious Renaissance. Here are our TOP 10 Newsletters:

1. TechCrunch


HBS Working Knowledge, Harvard Business School’s email newsletter, offers some of the best cutting-edge research in various business industries. But TechCrunch is one newsletter subscription that we cannot abstain ourselves from if we want to keep up with emerging trends or breaking news in the business of tech. If you want to keep up with some of the latest reviews on new internet products or startup profiles, TechCrunch is one newsletter you will not want to miss out on!

2. Tech-In-Asia


As TechCrunch is a leading technology media that is known quite well internationally, Tech-In-Asia is another that has a strong presence in the Asian region. It not only is a technology media that provides latest technological news but also has created a platform that connects talents with opportunity in the digital age.

3. Investopedia


To be financially savvy means to educate yourself or keep up with the latest financial trends in the world. Investopedia is one of the world’s leading source of financial content. Subscribing for its newsletters not only teaches you a financial term on a daily basis, it also provides retirement strategies, insights from some of the world’s leading experts, and news on the financial markets.

4. e27


Receiving the most up to date news on anything related to the internet of things is almost essential to keep up in a digital age such as ours. e27 is yet another technology media platform that covers trending news on businesses that are emerging. As one of Asia’s largest media platform, they also cover news of disruptive businesses. Don’t stay behind and start keeping up with the latest movements in the tech industry. You’ll never know if you may come up with your own disruptive ideas too.

5. BuzzFeed


Entertainment is a huge part of our lives. With so many celebrities that we idolize, we are pretty sure we haven’t heard all the interesting stories about them. BuzzFeed, an American internet media company, sometimes shows interesting celeb news. But that’s not all it focuses on. BuzzFeed focuses on a spectrum of media content, ranging from breaking news and vital journalism to tasty cuisine videos and daily DIY hacks. It is a perfect combo of receiving general content to enrich your daily lives.

6. Traveloka


Traveloka, the international flights and hotels booking site, has maintained a pretty interesting travel blog. If you’re up for some awesome travelling tips and ideas, we’d recommend subscribing to Traveloka. These are going to keep you motivated at work all year round. So, click that subscribe button now and it might be just in time for you to plan your next getaways in 2018!

7. The Kitchn


We can’t stress enough how important it is to keep your diet balanced and healthy. And what easier way for us to do that other than preparing our own food? In 2018, be inspired by daily recipes sent right into your inbox! The Kitchn started off as a food and recipe site in 2005. And today, they cover everything from cooking utensils review to self and home nourishment. So whether you’re looking for the best pot that goes with your chicken soup or some quick and easy recipes, they will have you covered.

8. The Skimm


This one is our favourite inbox slayer, along with their catchy slogan that reads “The Skimm makes it easier to live smarter”. And it does just what it says. Every morning you will get a summary of trending news happening all around the world. Now you can skip those boring lengthy articles and get hold of what and where at just a simple glance.

9. BrainPickings


So, we’ve introduced you a couple of great newsletter subscriptions that will feed you with all the latest news and trends. But this one does something entirely different. Every Sunday morning, BrainPickings will send you the week’s most inspiring reads that will lift your heart. Take out a minute or two on the weekend to do some self reflection with these articles after a tedious week of work.

10. Pgeon

pgeon newsletter

You’d probably guessed it. Well, where else can you get a list of valuable newsletter subscriptions, and notification of our cool and convenient Pgeon service updates? So without further ado..