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9 Practical Ways To Increase Your Productivity

If you are looking to increase your productivity, you have come to the right place! Today we curated 9 amazing tips to help you get the most out of your work time.

If you are looking to increase your productivity, you have come to the right place! Today we curated 9 amazing tips to help you get the most out of your work time.

  1. Create To-Do-List


    Whatever you plan to do, make a list and write them out. Sort them out based on priority and set a timeline to each individual task. This is how you can remind yourself what to work on and check on your progress throughout the day.

  2. Watch Your Social Media Diet

    self control

    In this fast-moving era where we could easily get hold of what other people are doing by just a click on our fingertips, it’s getting unhealthy. Many catch themselves in constant need of scrolling down their social media feed. This is no doubt the killer to your daily productivity. So, if you’re one of those social media addicts, you can try out SelfControl, which helps block out distracting websites for a certain period so you couldn’t access them.

  3. Review Your Day

    photo-1490138139357-fc819d02e344A good way to cultivate your productivity habit is to review yourself on a daily basis. To do this, simply spare 10-15 minutes before sleep and recall what you’ve accomplished in the day. When you are not able to retrieve your activities, that’s when you know you probably wasted another day.

  4. Take a Breakpomodoro

    Being productive doesn’t mean you should sit in front of your work desk 24/7. Because let’s be honest, no one can sit still and stay focused on their work for few hours straight. Even the infamous Pomodoro’s technique suggests 5-minute breaks between intervals of 25 minutes’ work.  If you’re a fan of this method, you can set your own timer here and get your productivity rolling!

  5. Breakdown Your Tasks


    Instead of confronting a seemingly unrealistic goal that may well intimidate yourself, one of the most practical ways to get started is to breakdown your long-term planning into small achievable tasks. That way you can easily complete and track the progress of these individual components that will make up to your ultimate goal.

  6. Get Some App


    If your willpower is not strong enough, fret not as there are tons of useful apps out there which could help you boost your productivity. For example, Procraster allows users to choose reasons behind their procrastination and thereafter users will be able to follow the given advice and get things done. Todoist is also popular among users who want to keep track of their to-do-lists in hand.

  7. Background noise

    noisliWorking in an environment with moderate background noise can effectively boost your concentration. Other studies suggested that listening to Classical music can do the same magic, a phenomenon for what is known as Mozart effect. If you prefer the former, put on your earphone and head to Noisli. Here you can mix and match your own ideal noise based on the various types of sound provided.

  8. Done is Better Than Perfect

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    Nothing can ever be perfect. Stop wasting your time repeating on the same task thinking how you could make it perfect, because at the end of the day, you are going to get a piece of undone work and nothing else. So just do your best and keep in mind: Whatever that you do, done is better than perfect.

  9. Save Time With Convenient Services

    pgeon online service malaysia
    If you can have your food delivered to you, why drive out to eat? If you can collect your shopping from nearby retail store, why collect it all the way from post office? Open yourself to new services that can save you time so that you can focus on what’s important. In case you missed our guide last week, here’s our updated list of useful online services in Malaysia.

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