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Plan The Perfect Date Starting From RM5

Can money really buy you happiness?
We say yes!
See how to plan a perfect date with only RM5!

“I don’t care too much for money, money can’t buy me love.”—The Beatles

Although the famous Beatles sing about how “money can’t buy me (or you) love”, it still does play a huge role in our daily lives and in romance.

It is a hard subject to talk about. Some couples choose to avoid them by doing activities that cost next to nothing, like watching movies at home or making homemade meals.

But what if the couple would like to plan a night out?

We’re here to show you how your date doesn’t need to cost a fortune!

1. Who Says Movie Dates Are Expensive!

2017 was a year crowded with lots of superhero movies, such as Justice League and Wonder Woman. But this year is even more promising!

One of the most anticipated superhero movies of 2018 was the Black Panther. Arguably one of the best superhero movies we have.

But 2018 is still young, and there are several new upcoming superhero movies that we can all look forward to.

The R-rated Deadpool 2 sequel or the fan hyped Avengers: Infinity War, are movies that we can’t wait to show on the big screens.

If you’re an X-Men fan, then you’d also be very excited about the X-Men: Dark Phoenix movie too.

With so many movies you wanna watch in the cinemas, you wouldn’t need to worry about burning a hole in your pocket.

With the UOB YOLO Credit Card, you can actually watch any movies in a GSC Cinema at a flat rate of RM5!

2.Grab Some Affordable Italian Pasta!

We now know how you can watch all these blockbuster movies at a flat rate of RM5. What if you plan to take your date out for a movie? Well, it’ll be nice to take your date out for dinner before or after the movie.

Take your date out for some fast and casual Italian pasta at Humble Chef!

At Humble Chef, you get to choose to have Aglio e Olio, Carbonaro, Bolognese, or pesto pasta for only RM5 as well! You can’t get this kind of variety at this kind of price point!

3.What’s a Date Without Desserts!

After having the main course, you probably want to impress your date with some expensive Berries Pavlova at Fuego, or maybe a Lucien Gaudin at Coppersmith.

But sometimes, all your date wants during a hot and humid Malaysian night date, is simply some soft serve ice cream!

Family Mart has some of the best matcha flavoured soft serve ice creams.

It’s probably one of the best matcha ice creams we have served in convenient stores.

And at only RM2.90 each, just a bit more than RM5 and you can have two of them.

4. Send a Mysterious Gift to your Date!

There are ways other than watching movies, going out for a nice meal, or satisfy your sweet tooth cravings together, to show your affection towards your date. To add a little element of mystery to the play, send your partner a gift using Pgeon Delivery!

Pgeon Delivery provides one of the cheapest courier services you can find servicing within and between Penang, Selangor, and Kuala Lumpur!

With Pgeon delivery, sending a parcel filled with mysterious gifts has never been more affordable and reliable. Starting from as low as RM5, you can send up to 5KG worth of mysterious gifts!