5 Interesting Startup Trends To Look For In Malaysia 2017

We have seen a big leap in Malaysia’s E-commerce and startup scene this year. Today we will be sharing 5 interesting startup trends that caught our eyes.

Startup Trends In Malaysia 2017

With 2017 coming to an end, we have definitely seen a big leap in Malaysia’s E-commerce and startup scene. Today we will be sharing 5 startup trends that caught our attention.

1. Subscription Boxes

subscription box startup trend pgeon malaysiaA subscription box is a subscription-based service where customers will pay to receive a box filled with a variety of surprise products. 

As one of the early risers on subscription box, VapeClubMY allows users to try new E juice flavours every month. The concept of paying for subscription boxes is still a relatively new, fresh idea in Malaysia. Nevertheless, more varieties of subscription box are popping out recently, striving to stand on their own niche. If you’re a fan of beauty products, there’s PandoraBox, or if you want to pamper your furry friends with toys and treats, there’s Pets My Heart.  

Subscribers enjoy discovering new content in their monthly boxes, so we foresee the trend picking up with more and more people getting their own subscription boxes.

2. E-Commerce Last-Mile Delivery Solutions

pgeon delivery rm5

The e-commerce industry in Malaysia continues to show great growth, highlighting the need for an efficient last-mile delivery solution. Missed deliveries are surely are a logistic pain for both e-commerce players and customers.

Pgeon has partnered with over 3,000 retail outlets across Malaysia to serve as Pgeon Points. Users can send or collect parcels from these outlets. Last year in 2016, POSLaju also rolled out a similar solution, providing 24/7 standalone lockers called “POSLaju EziBoz” to mitigate failed deliveries. We believe that these services will revolutionize the way Malaysians send and receive their parcels in near future.

3. Sharing Economy

co-working space startup trend malaysia pgeon

Businesses built by a sharing economy model have done extraordinarily well in recent years. From ride-sharing apps like Grab to home-sharing platforms such as Airbnb. It is a win-win business model for both supply and demand parties, bringing along more products and services that are now relying on the same strategy.

Here in Malaysia, co-working spaces are pretty hot right now. They not only lower operating costs for businesses but also give the opportunity to mingle or network with fellow co-working office mates. Thus, we expect to see a higher adoption of co-working solutions across major cities in Malaysia.

4. Compare-and-Book Online Platforms

pgeon malaysia

Many of our daily activities are now being taken online and are “cybernated”. If you’ve seen our list of new online services in Malaysia, you have probably heard of the various aggregated booking platforms available.

It is vital to have these services or product-comparison platforms. They will bring about price transparency and competition, while effectively connecting merchants with consumers. For example, EasyParcel allows you to compare and book for courier services online, while TheLorry provides a pool of heavy-vehicle-transportation services.

5. Food Delivery

food delivery startup malaysia pgeonFood delivery is not something new, but it’s becoming more and more interesting as players are stepping in to grab their share of the on-demand market. DahMakan distinguishes themselves by offering weekly new menu, while FoodMatters.me offers food subscription plans to help you watch your diet. If you want nothing fancy but a simple food delivery from your favourite restaurants, you can opt to use FoodPanda or UberEATS instead. So the next time you’re stuck in the office, rest assured that you can still have a feast right where you are.

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