Pgeon Your Shipment From RM5.50 Flat Rate via EasyParcel - Pgeon Delivery

Pgeon Your Shipment From RM5.50 Flat Rate via EasyParcel

Send from Penang, Lunas, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Johor!

pgeon RM5.50

Stop looking back as moving forward is the only thing that you should do right now. If you missed the last chance of getting Pgeon Delivery at RM5 flat rate. Don’t worry as we always want to give you all the best that we have.

Now, you may send your parcels from Penang, Lunas, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Johor at RM5.50 for up to 5KG shipment. All you need is to top up the package of EP2000 or above at EasyParcel to enjoy this lowest rate for VIP members. No matter you want to book for Pgeon delivery pick-up services or drop-off services, you only need to pay for a single price which is RM5.50 flat rate for parcels up to 5KG.

If you think EP2000 is too much for you, it’s okay that you don’t have a big budget. There’s always a back-up plan for you. Top up from EP20 to EP1000 package to unlock RM5.90 (5kg) for free pick-up service from your doorstep or choose to drop-off at nearest Pgeon Point at only RM5.50 (5kg).

Here’s a reminder to all Pgeonites:

If you’re still within promo duration enjoying the VIP rate of RM5 flat rate for Pgeon delivery and plan to top up a new package, bear in mind that your current VIP rate will be renewed according to your most recent top up package. For example, you are enjoying RM5 flat rate now and you made an EP100 top up, your new VIP rate will be changed to RM5.50/RM5.90.