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Item Invoice Is A Must For Langkawi, Sabah & Sarawak Shipments

Attach It With Your Air Waybill

item invoice for langkawi, sabah, sarawak shipments

If you’re sending your parcel to Langkawi, Sabah & Sarawak via Pgeon Delivery, please make sure you’re including an item invoice together with your air waybill.

A complete and correct item invoice is very significant to avoid shipment delays and make the custom clearance process smoother as the information will be used to assess customs duties.

  • What Should I Include In The Item Invoice?

Your item invoice should contain full details of the sender, the receiver and a detailed description of the goods and their values.

  • How Can I Issue An Invoice Without Company Registration?

If you want to deliver a parcel without a registered business, you can always create an invoice template online for free by using Invoice GeneratorInvoice Simple and so on.

  • How To Attach Item Invoice?

Just print out your item invoice and place it together with air waybill on a flat area, preferably on the top surface of your parcel.

You’ll need to provide a detailed itemized description of the parcel content for item invoice. For example, if your parcel contains clothes, you should list down as “Uniqlo T Shirt”, “H&M Blue Sweater”, “Padini Denim Jacket” and so on. Bear in mind that, the description for each parcel need to be clear and easily understood as it can helps speed up the sorting progress and also delivery to your receivers.

Here’s An Example For You

pgeon invoice