[Pgeon Prime x EasyParcel] RM5 only for integration & API users!

Exclusively For EasyParcel Users Only!

integration RM5

If you are an ecommerce platform user, congratulation! We are here to save your life. So, why do you need to integrate your ecommerce store with EasyParcel? Integrating your ecommerce platform with EasyParcel helps you to save most of your time. Forget all the messy workflow! Now you only need to click one button to import all your orders from your eccomerce store to EasyParcel site.

Integrate Your Ecommerce Store

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Integrate and Save More

If you have integrated your shopping cart with EasyParcel, starting from 1st October 2019, you can simply enjoy Pgeon Prime at RM5 flat rate for same state shipment and interstate delivery at RM5.50 only! This amazing deal allows you to deliver your parcel up to 5KG and only costs you as low as RM5 only!

Pick-Up From Deliver to EP20-EP1,000 Top Up Package (up to 5KG) EP2,000-EP50,000 Top Up Package (up to 5KG)
Penang Penang RM5
Selangor Selangor
Johor Johor
Penang, Selangor and Johor Penang, Selangor and Johor RM5.50


What’s the special of Pgeon Prime? Pgeon Prime guarantees successful pick-up and next day delivery, or your next Pgeon Delivery shipment will be FREE. Please bear in mind that Pgeon Prime only applicable for shipment sent between Penang, Selangor/Kuala Lumpur and Johor (subject to postcode availability).

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