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8 Christmas Gift Ideas For Everyone You Love

Secret Santa Gift Guide: What To Buy This Christmas

Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s officially December, the first and only thing that comes to mind is Christmas. If you haven’t buy gifts for your loved ones, you should start hunting for some memorable gift as soon as possible.

Picking a right gift isn’t always easy and I know you are out of idea this Christmas, so here’s a gift guide for you to add these on your Christmas shopping list.

1. Christmas Deco

Christmas Gift Ideas love limzy

A piece of art can be unique and awesome gift for any event. Admit that this kind of Christmas gift didn’t come to your mind before. An artwork with the combination of preserved flowers and illustrated art print, it would definitely impress me if I’m the one who received this artwork. All the original artworks are painted in watercolour by Limzy, the founder. Isn’t this artwork adorable?

Love Limzy Co. | Buy it Now


2. Phone Cases

Christmas Gift Ideas galado

If your friends are iPhone user, you may send them a phone case with Christmas theme that will make themselves stand out in this Christmas. Phone case with Santa, Reindeer and Snowflakes: The Three Christmas Musketeers will absolutely make the crowd scream for the cuteness and jealous for the uniqueness. The case is made by soft TPU and fully transparent, so you don’t need to worry about the colour matching problem as transparent goes well with any iPhone colour.

Galado | Buy It Now


3. Skin Care
Christmas Gift Ideas The Face Shop

After a wild Christmas night with lots of partying and drinking, you may consider giving your friends a skin care product as a gift as well. A soothing gel of formulated with 99% Aloe Barbadensis leaf extract from Jeju would be an amazing solution for them to soothe and moisturize their skin.

The Face Shop | Buy It Now


4. Yummy Snacks

amazin'grace Christmas Gift Ideas

Chocolate is always the first choice on the list, however I bet the calories that accumulated in one day after you consumed lots of chocolate and grand meal had overloaded. Throw away those chocolate ideas as Amazin’grace has the best granolas and nuts which are healthier and less-guilty.

Amazin’grace | Buy It Now


5. Peanut Butter

jobbie Christmas Gift Ideas

Calories won’t stop you? Never get enough of food? I feel you. Imagine the signature smooth and creamy peanut butter linger in your mouth. Imagine the peanut butter on your toast, in the milkshake, in your overnight oats. Nobody will say no to peanut butter unless the recipient is not a peanut lover.

Jobbie | Buy It Now


6. 2019 Planner

mossery Christmas Gift Ideas

If you already knew who is the receiver of your gift, you can personalize his/her name on the cover of the planner. From a standard planner to a personal planner, it will be an overwhelming surprise for the receiver since everyone likes customized gift.  Besides, the design structure of Mossery planner is extraordinary, it is more like a piece of art than a boring planner.

Mossery | Buy It Now


7. Candle

kandle kandle Christmas Gift Ideas

If you have a candle enthusiast in your life, scented candle as a Christmas gift will never go wrong. Scented candle is one of the gifts which is very safe to give away since everyone cannot resist the good smell. A luxury scented candle with affordable price and 100 percent made with soy wax is enough to be a lovable gift.

Kandle Kandle | Buy It Now


8. Room Shoes

uniqlo Christmas Gift Ideas

Finally, no more food and calories, let’s have some comfort which makes your receiver feels warm this Christmas. These shoes embrace and mould to your feet while you walk. The insoles are made with high-rebound sponge which makes you bounce as you walk. This slippers will make you feel like walking on the cloud, you must believe me! Definitely my go-to slippers for room shoes.

Uniqlo | Buy It Now

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