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5 Tips For Perfect Flat Lay Photography

Flat Lay is simple to do. You can always shoot a flat lay anytime, anywhere to impress your audiences.

flatlay photography

Flat lay photography is one of the chicest ways to showcase the awesome items you own and creating flat lay photos could take your profile from “nice” to “wow! What a professional photographer with good sense”. Here are a few tips and tricks to bring your photos to the next level.

1. Pick a background


| Photo credit: frau_eismann |

Simplicity is the best and it goes the same as the background. Choose a neutral colour, like a plain white background or beige is the most recommended background as it will not distract with your subjects.


| Photo credit: The future kept |

However you can choose a wood table or floor as the background as well, the background can be different depends on your subject. Just remember to keep it simple.

2. Get Inspired


If you are lost in the middle of nowhere, you may search for some inspirations and ideas online on Pinterest or Instagram. You may refer to the photos that uploaded on these platforms and these are the places that help to spark ideas. You only need to search for the keyword “flatlay” and you may get an idea of what you really want from searching.  

3. Shoot From Top


| Photo credit: Mila_ratnik |

It is better to create distance between you and the subjects, meanwhile you can make sure the photo looks flat. Additionally, you may stand on a stool when you couldn’t fit everything into the shot. You may keep adjusting the props until you got the best arrangement. A Perfect shot takes time.

4. Include Yourself


| Photo credit: Eslamoda |

Sometimes you may include body parts of you or your partners in the shot to make the photo looks more candid and natural. Body parts shown in the photo will bring out a sense of movement and action to the audiences.

5. Edit Your Photo

Not every photo is perfect. There will be always some lightning or colour problem happened in your photos. If you’re using plain white colour as your background, it is important to make sure your background is white and bright enough. You may use “Snapseed” to edit the brightness of the background and “VSCO” to adjust the colour and insert a better filter.

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