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11 Things You Can Do With Your RM5 AngPow

Happy Chinese New Year! Today we compiled a list of 11 things and activities you can buy or do with your RM5 angpow money.

Cheap RM5 Things To Do In Malaysia

Hi everyone! We are back with more useful tips for you after a long festive weekend! By now, you’re probably bathing in Red Packets. So we’ve compiled a list of things and activities you can buy or do with your RM 5 Ang Pow money! You’re welcome. XD

muzium negara

1. Visit The Muzium Negara

How many of us have visited the National Museum before? Did you know that the normal ticket price for Malaysian is only RM2 / pax? Senior citizens are only charged RM1 while kids below 12 years old can go in for free! With less than RM5, you get to explore Malaysia from its prehistoric times up to the present, now that’s some well-spent money.


2. Send A Parcel

If there is one thing that will make your RM5 worthwhile, that is using Pgeon Delivery! At only RM5 flat, you can now deliver parcels up to 5KG heavy within and between Selangor, Penang, and Kuala Lumpur! By dropping off your parcel at any of our 3,000 Pgeon points, your recipients can choose to pick up from their nearby Pgeon point, or have the parcel sent directly to their doorstep!



3. Buy A Neck pillow

This neck pillow will come in handy for frequent travelers. Bring one with you when you’re going out for a trip and take some quick rest along the journey.


4. Get A Phone Bracket Holder

This ring-like holder has multiple functions. For people who are looking for a spinner, this phone ring holder allows you to spin your phone without dropping it! While holding it, you can simply put any one of your fingers through the ring mount, and it will prevent it from just slipping off your hands. What’s more, you don’t need a separate phone stand, because this angle-adjustable ring can also become a phone stand!



5.  Buy A Non-slip mat

At RM5, this non-slip mat is a life-saver to your wet bathroom floor, but not just that! Place it in your wardrobe or drawer to keep your things in place.

6. Donate To Charity

Don’t belittle your RM5, for it could mean a lot for those in need. Based on information by UNICEF, RM1 can help provide 1 vaccine dose which will immunise a child against polio.


7. Buy A Photo frame

A photo frame will always make a good tabletop deco. You can also frame up your memorable photos with them, and turn it into a lovely gift for your special someone.


8. Get A Back Support Pack

Invest your RM5 in this Dr. Levine Power Magnetic Posture Support that helps you correct your posture. Most of our daily routines require us sitting in the classrooms or offices for 10 hours straight. Sitting with poor posture could cause back aches. This posture support pack comes with 12 aligned magnets which will effectively help relieve pain.


9. You Will Need A Lint Roller

This roller is an essential household gadget to get. Simply roll it over your bed sheets, and its adhesive paper will pick up fluff and dust. Use it against your coats to pick up hair, lint, and residual fabric. Its small size makes it easy to carry around.


10. Pick Up Some Microfiber Cloths

This microfiber water absorbent cloth works miracles when it comes to cleaning! It’s microfiber properties helps increase its liquid absorbance as well as its ability to pick up dust! So for mothers with children that make a tremendous mess out of everything to car owners looking for the perfect cloth to wipe the dust off the dashboard, this microfiber cloth is the right one for you!



11. 3-Port USB Wall Power Charger Adapter

As people are getting more and more mobile with their personal electronic devices, having those devices readily available for use becomes an intricate part of their daily social interactions. And being on the go, this 3-port USB wall power charger adapter is the product you’re looking for your charging needs.

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That’s all for today. We at Pgeon wish you a Happy Chinese New Year. May you be blessed with good fortune and prosperity all year round!